Our Approach

At Ingredient Sciences we understand that advanced ingredients have no value unless you are able to use them effectively in your operation. For this reason, we offer our products with the service and expertise you need to make them work effectively for you. Our technical team can evaluate your formulas and your operations and make recommendations that ensure real value for your company. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see what Ingredient Sciences can do for you.


EZ-FRESH -- Fiber-Based Shelf Life Extension

EZ-FRESH™ Fiber-Based Shelf Life Extender is a revolutionary new product designed to extend freshness and improve eating quality in your baked goods. EZ-FRESH™ is an advanced functional ingredient, yet it’s as simple to incorporate as flour, sugar, or butter. As a functional ingredient, EZ-FRESH™ controls the moisture in your finished product. Control moisture and you control freshness—it’s that simple.. Read on...


Bakery and Culinology Consulting Services

The Consulting Services Division of Ingredient Sciences can work with you to tackle your company's most difficult challenges: new product formulation, improving taste and eating quality of existing products, shelf-life extension, clean label, quality control, food safety, and operational efficiency. Read on...


Innovative Solutions for the Food Industry

Ingredient Sciences is a new company with a long history. Combining the knowledge, talent, and experience of several long-time industry experts, Ingredient Sciences is identifying a handful of challenges that call for creative and innovative solutions. Our mission is early-stage development of game-changing technologies for the food industry. Read on...