EZ-FRESH -- Fiber-Based Shelf Life Extension

Improve Shelf Life and Increase Profitability with EZ-FRESH

EZ-FRESH™ Fiber-Based Shelf Life Extender is a revolutionary new product designed to extend freshness and improve eating quality in your baked goods.

EZ-FRESH™ is an advanced functional ingredient, yet it’s as simple to incorporate as flour, sugar, or butter. As a functional ingredient, EZ-FRESH™ controls the moisture in your finished product. Control moisture and you control freshness—it’s that simple.

In addition to improved eating quality and extended freshness, EZ-FRESH™ can offer lower total fat and saturated fat as well as increased fiber. EZ-FRESH™ may also reduce blend times, increase yields, and help achieve greater consistency in your end product. EZ-FRESH™ has a neutral to sweet taste profile and actually enhances flavors.

Combining high-quality fibers, oils, shortenings, and proteins in a groundbreaking process, EZ-FRESH™ can replace up to 50% of the oil or shortening in a wide range of baked goods including breads, cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, breakfast bars, and doughnuts. Contact us today and have our dedicated technical team work with you to incorporate EZ-FRESH™ into your formulations.

Sample Recipes

Sample Recipes for EZFRESH